3 Steps For Beginners Choosing an iGrow LED Light

3 Step Beginner's Guide to Choosing an iGrow LED Grow Light For Indoor Plants:

If you are new to the wonderful world of LED grow lights, you might be in a haze trying to figure out how to choose the most practical light for your grow. LED grow lighting is very different from a metal halide or a high pressure sodium setup in that LED fixtures vary drastically in shape, spectrum, heat-load, and power. Do not fear! This guide will assist your LED grow light search --- saving you time, money, and assuring you the highest quality crop.

This 3 step guide will cover:

The nature of your grow

The size of your growing space

The types of LED grow lights available

1. What Are You Growing?

Before you decide on an LED grow light, you must consider your crop. All full-cycle, quality LED lights sold on the market will grow a plant from seedling to flower. But some lights are designed for specific types of grows. iGrow lights are designed for all phases of growing.

2. What Is The Size Of Your Grow Space?

The size of your grow space will dictate the size and number of an LED units you purchase. A good rule-of-thumb for LED grow lights is 32 watts of actual wattage per square foot of growing space for flowering high-light plants. For example, if you measured your growing space to be 1.5 square meters, you would want to purchase a 500-550 watt grow light (assuming the plants are congregated in a single area and you are flowering cannabis. Vegetative growth for needs about half this wattage but you can also veg with the same wattage as flowering.

Low light plants, such as herbs and lettuces require about 11-18 watts per square foot of grow space. However, this will vary with crop and preferred light levels.

Below is a quick reference chart designed to help you determine the desired wattage based on your grow space. If you have a larger grow space, you can scale up from these numbers.

Remember:  1 sq ft/0.092903m of grow space requires about 32 watts of actual wattage.

Grow Space:                                                        Wattage:

2 sq ft/0.185806m (2x1)  -                                       64

4 sq ft/0.371612m (0.5m) (2x2)  -                           128

6 sq ft/0.557418m (0.5 to 1m) (2x3)  -                    192

9 sq ft / 0.836127m (0.5 to 1m) (3x3)  -                  288

12 sq ft/ 1.11484m (1 to 1.5m) (3x4)  -                   384

16 sq ft/1.48645m(1 to 2m) (4x4)  -                        512

20 sq ft/1.85806m (2m) (4x5)  -                              640

25 sq ft/2.32258m (2 to 3m) (5x5)  -                       800

30 sq ft/2.78709m (3m) (5x6)  -                              960

36 sq ft/3.34451m (3 to 4m) (6x6)  -                       1152

40 sq ft/3.71612m (3 to 4m) (6x7)  -                       1280


3. Types Of LED Grow Lights

By now, you might have an idea of how many watts are required for your grow space. Now, you will discover the different LED unit options available to you.

If you are growing  from seedling to flower you will want to purchase a full cycle LED light.

Putting It All Together:

Now that you have your wattage requirements, and type of LED grow light in mind, you can start your LED grow light search on our website.

For questions about choosing your light, feel free to contact us using the contact form.

Happy Growing!